Squarespace Summaries limit problem: Use Lazy Summaries

Squarespace Summaries limit problem: Lazy Summaries Plugin

If you are building a Squarespace solution using summaries, the 30 item limit quickly brings you into serious problems, when the content is growing on your Squarespace website.

The Squarespace plugin Lazy Summaries provides a quick and very easy fix to that serious problem. Just paste some code into Footer Injections (Settings->Advanced->Code Injection->Footer Injections), and after that the limit disappears and you will see lots of useful extra options in Summary blocks:

Lazy Summaries Plugin

Squarespace plugin Lazy Summaries extra settings include:

  • Enable Lazy Summaries - Activates lazy summaries;
  • Enable Session Storage cache - This will enable caching to sessionStorage and next time it will take items instantly from this cache. Session cache clearing on closing window or rerun browser only, so better use this for infrequently changing collections.
  • Load all or use Load more - if checked, it will request for all collection items (so it takes time for big collections) and append all items at once to Summary. If using Load more - it will add a button, clicking this button it will prepends items you've set in Number of items field.
  • Load more button text - if using Load more, here you may set the button text.
  • Enable Alternative image on hover - if enabled, it will look for galleries second image and prepend it to show on mouse over. Useful for products summaries when first image shows one color and hovering you're showing another one. Or if you have several renders (views) of your product, you may use this to change on hover.
  • Use separate settings for mobiles - if checked, shows additional range sliders where you may set columns width and gutter to use on screens less than 640px width. This way you may force to show 2 or 3 columns on devices (not 1 column as default does).