Remove Gallery Links from Squarespace Summary Blocks

Squarespace Summary Blocks

Squarespace summary blocks are very useful to display structured content. Thus one can display the following collections as summary:

  • Blog posts from blog pages
  • Events from events pages
  • Images and videos from gallery pages
  • Images and videos from project pages
  • Products from store pages

With summary blocks these collections become powerful tools to structure content. Displaying these structured contents with summary blocks one can choose from various display formats and use filters.

BUT: Often one don't wants to link to the detail pages, but just display the collection or parts of it. To do so you'll just need to add a small code snipped to your custom CSS to remove the links for a single summary block or for all summary blocks together.

Summary Blocks: Examples Removing Gallery Links:

Removing the links from all Grid Summaries:

.summary-thumbnail-container, .summary-title-link {pointer-events: none !important;}

Removing the links from a single Grid Summary:

#section-id .summary-thumbnail-container, #section-id .summary-title-link {pointer-events: none !important;}
#block-id .summary-thumbnail-container, #block-id .summary-title-link {pointer-events: none !important;}

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